Air Conditioning 


Servicing & Repairs

Our service package can cover anything from 1 a/c system in a bedroom, to a full office building heat recovery system. 

Why do you need a maintenance?

Over time the internal air filters get blocked up, this in turn lowers the efficiency and costs more on electricity. 

Also, once filters get a build up small particulates get through to the internals and bacteria grows throughout. You will then notice bad smells, poor airflow and possibly reports of light illnesses. 


To keep on top of this we carry out the following: 

  • Air filter clean with a bacterial clean

  • Dust removal to components 

  • Sanitising of evaporator coil  

  • Bacterial clean of facia 

  • Drain/pump clean and test. 

  • Electrical connection and performance inspection. 

  • Run and test of all components

  • F-gas legislation leak test. 

All assets and test records are accessible via the online customer portal were you can also access quotes, invoices etc

Any faults or issues picked up on the maintenance will be quoted for and rectified as soon as possible. 

Wall Mounts

Maintenance and deep cleaning of Mitsubishi Electric wall mount fan-coils. 

Deep Clean 

A full strip sown of a fan-coil to remove all bacteria and mould blocking fan scroll 


Cassette system had a full maintenance prior to office completion.

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