Air Conditioning 



We will work with you to find what air conditioning system best suits your requirements. 

Throughout the years we learned exactly what technology suits different applications and locations. Will will ensure that any installations will be the most efficient now, and years to come. 

There are a lot of different variables to consider i.e. styles, size, technology included and efficiency requirement. Or maybe you have a small budget. We can cater for all.


We install not only for commercial properties but for home applications also. 


Make use of the governments 5% VAT rate for new domestic heat pumps!



So Why Us?

  • Professional expertise of all leading manufactures. 

  • Free site survey / consultation 

  • No Obligations 

  • Trained technicians to install & commission with approved F-gas engineers. 

  • Second to none workmanship 

Wall Mount

Fujitsu split system installed in a bedroom.

Wall Mount

Fujitsu system fitted to a conservatory.


Replacement technology installed on a commercial rooftop. 


2 Wall mounts installed in a gym new cardio


Hair Dressers

Cassette split installed in a high street hair dressers. 

Surround fitted to compensate for shallow ceiling.


Wall mount installed in a living room. System is a twin with unit in bedroom also. Fitted with WiFi controls. 

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