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Solar Water Heater

Service & Maintenance 
Heat Pumps

Regular maintenance on your system is of paramount importance to ensure you system is running as efficient as possible. 

It is important you get a routine maintenance in place to ensure every aspect of your system is functioning at its best and any issues are found as early as possible.

Heat pump systems are sensitive to any disruption to normal running conditions. Our annual maintenance packages will keep failures to a minimum. 

What we do on a service: 

  • F-gas leak check

  • Full operation check

  • Safety devices test

  • Check flow rates and adjust if possible

  • Strainer and magna filter clean and flush.

  • Inhibiter addition.

  • Removal of any air in hydraulic circuit.

  • Check controls and optimise.


Filters Cleaning 

At CKS, we go above and beyond keeping your heating system  as clean as possible.

Filter cleaning services take out magnetic and normal debris, ensuring your system runs at nominal flow rates and maximum efficiency. lack of cleaning will lead to to the plate heat exchanger getting blocked.

Trust us to keep your system running smoothly all year round.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Annual heat exchanger cleaning is essential for efficient air conditioning. Our chemical cleaning of the outdoor coil and power washing maximizes performance and saves you money in the long run. As experts in heat pumps, we don't cut corners on maintenance and ensure every aspect of your system is functioning at its best.


Case Cleaning

 Our technicians use comprehensive methods to clean both indoor and outdoor units, removing all dust that can contribute to bacteria growth. The result is a unit that looks and feels like new.

Run And


At CKS, we offer a comprehensive run and test service for your system. Our experienced technicians will inspect and test all components to ensure your AC is running efficiently. Any potential issues will be identified and rectified for optimal performance.




Heat pump settings is crucial for maintaining the optimal operation of your heat pump. Our expert technicians will assess your installation and adjust all settings to provide the most efficient and effective climate control solution for you. Enjoy improved energy efficiency, lower costs, and an impeccable level of comfort with our professional service.

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